Xplore Sonargaon & Panam City

8 Hours

Embark on an enchanting voyage to Sonargaon and Panam City, two captivating destinations that hold the key to Bangladesh’s rich history and cultural heritage. This insightful day tour takes you on a discovery of ancient treasures, abandoned splendors, and the stories they whisper.

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  • Dhaka
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  • Lunch at a local restaurant with authentic Bangladeshi food.
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Embark on an enchanting voyage to Sonargaon and Panam City, two captivating destinations that hold the key to Bangladesh’s rich history and cultural heritage. This insightful day tour takes you on a discovery of ancient treasures, abandoned splendors, and the stories they whisper.

Sonargaon: Unveiling the Medieval Legacy Set just 37 km away from Dhaka, Sonargaon beckons as the quintessential day tour from the capital. It’s a realm where history, art, and culture intertwine. Locals and visitors alike are drawn to the allure of the Folk Art Museum, an embodiment of the nation’s creativity. The month-long folk art fair and the annual folk festival infuse vibrant energy into this historical enclave.

Journey into the Past: Sonargaon’s Rich Heritage Steeped in history, Sonargaon was once the pulsating heart of medieval Bengal. An administrative and commercial hub, it was a beacon of maritime prosperity. A seat of power for medieval Muslim rulers and Eastern Bengal governors, its relevance spans centuries. It’s where dynasties rose, rulers ascended, and history was scripted.

Lost Glory & Quiet Remnants Sonargaon’s significance as a mint capital is etched in history alongside Gauda. Yet, in 1610, the Mughal rulers shifted the capital to Jahangirnagar, now Dhaka, leaving Sonargaon’s grandeur behind. Today, the village belies its glorious past. Amid the tranquil facade, echoes of an illustrious era beckon curious minds.

Panam Nagar: Echoes of Abandonment A mere stroll from the Folk Arts & Crafts Museum, Panam Nagar stands as a testament to history’s twists. Founded during British rule, this abandoned city was a haven for Hindu merchants trading in cotton fabrics. Fifty-two houses along a single street exude a blend of European and Bengal architecture, narrating tales of a thriving past.

A Glimpse into Eternity: Panam’s Silent Streets Panam Nagar, the world’s sole abandoned city of its kind, unfurls its enigma. Rows of abandoned houses form a ghostly silhouette on the street. A dichotomy of pure residences and entertainment venues comes to life, with tales of Baijis’ lively performances, dancing, singing, and revelry.

Guided Exploration & Time Travel Embarking on this guided day tour, a world of history and wonder unfolds. A boat ride on the Meghna River leads to an island that holds secrets of a bygone era. The Folk Arts & Crafts Museum comes alive, weaving a tapestry of tradition, skill, and culture.

Panam’s Whispers & Moments Venturing into Panam Nagar, you tread upon echoes of the past. Wandering through cobbled streets and past decaying facades, you’ll glimpse into lives once lived here. Opulent residences coexist with entertainment houses, a journey that paints a vivid picture of a forgotten era.

A Day of Connection & Understanding This comprehensive day tour unravels the layers of Sonargaon and Panam City’s history. Amidst cultural riches and forgotten stories, you’ll forge a deep connection with the soul of Bangladesh. As the sun sets on these timeless landmarks, you’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for the nation’s roots.

Note: Please check the opening hours and off days of Sonargaon Museum and Panam Nagar before planning your visit. The tour provides an all-encompassing experience, merging historical exploration, cultural immersion, and a voyage through time.

Important Notes

Xplore Sonargaon & Panam City Tour is available to book year-round, any day of the week.

Panam Nagar is closed on Sundays of the week and early morning on Mondays. Besides, only the museum is closed on public holidays but Panama City is open.

Sonargaon Museum Opening Hours During Summer (April – September)
Friday – Wednesday: 10.00 AM – 06.00 PM
Sonargaon Museum Opening Hours During Winter (October – March)
Friday – Wednesday: 09.00 AM – 05.00 PM

Sonargaon Museum Off Day
Sonargaon Museum off day will be Thursdays throughout the year.
Sonargaon Museum Opening Hours During the Govt. Holidays
Unlike other tourist sites in Bangladesh, Sonargaon Museum remains open during the govt. holidays except for
the holidays of Sob-e-Borat and Sob-e-Kadar.
Sonargaon Museum Opening Hours During Ramadan
Sonargaon Museum will be closed at 03.30 PM during the holy month of Ramadan.
Sonargaon Museum Opening Hours During Eid Holidays


  • Ride a boat on the mighty river Meghna.
  • Taste some authentic Bangladeshi food at a local restaurant.
  • Experience village life on a sandbank island of river Meghna. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the traditional way of life in Bangladesh.
  • Visit the Khan Jahan Ali Mosque, a pre-Mughal mosque from the 16th century. This mosque is one of the oldest and most well-preserved mosques in Bangladesh.
  • Visit Panam Nagar, an entirely abandoned city of the Hindu cotton merchants from the early 19th century. This city was once a thriving trading center, but it was abandoned after a religious riot in the early 20th century. Today, it is a popular tourist destination for its eerie atmosphere.
  • Visit the tomb of Nasiruddin Mahmud, an independent Sultan of Bengal in the 15th century. His capital was Sonargaon, and he is considered one of the most important rulers in the history of Bangladesh.
  • Visit the newly renovated Boro Sardar Bari, a massive mansion from the same Panam Nagar period. This mansion was once the home of a wealthy merchant, and it is now a popular tourist destination for its intricate architecture.
  • Visit the Folk-arts and Crafts Museum and learn about the country's rich textile heritage. This museum houses a collection of traditional Bangladeshi textiles, jewelry, and musical instruments.


In the morning we will meet you at your hotel lobby or the Airport.
We will drive to Sonargaon (Old capital of Bengal).

Stop At: Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum Sonargaon Road, Sonargaon Bangladesh

The Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum is a renowned museum located in Sonargaon, Bangladesh. The museum houses a diverse collection of folk art and craft objects, representing various regions and communities of Bangladesh. The exhibits include traditional pottery, weaving, woodwork, metalwork, embroidery, masks, dolls, musical instruments, and more. The museum provides visitors with an opportunity to learn about the cultural heritage and artistic traditions of Bangladesh. There is a souvenir shop within the museum premises where visitors can purchase traditional handicrafts, textiles, and other items made by local artisans. It provides an opportunity to support the local crafts industry and take home unique pieces as mementos.

Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Panam Nagar, Sonargaon Rd, Sonargaon Bangladesh

Panam Nagar, also known as Panam City, is a historic site located in Sonargaon, Bangladesh. It was once a prosperous trading center during the colonial period and is now recognized as a valuable cultural heritage site. The city flourished as a trading hub for muslin, silk, and other textiles, attracting merchants from different parts of Bengal and beyond. Panam Nagar is recognized as a protected archaeological site by the Bangladesh government. Efforts have been made to preserve the heritage buildings and restore them to their former glory. The conservation work aims to maintain the architectural integrity and cultural significance of the site. Today, Panam Nagar attracts tourists and history enthusiasts who visit to explore its architectural beauty and experience its historical ambiance. Walking through the narrow streets of the town, visitors can admire the grand mansions, terracotta embellishments, and unique architectural details.

Duration: 2 hours

Stop At: Goaldi Mosque, Goaldi Road Sonargaon, Dhaka City Bangladesh

Goaldi Mosque stands as a remarkable example of the architectural excellence and cultural heritage of the Bengal Sultanate period. It offers a glimpse into the rich history of Sonargaon and its role as a center of Islamic art and architecture during that era. Visitors to Goaldi Mosque can appreciate the intricate craftsmanship and architectural grandeur of the mosque. The combination of terracotta artistry, elegant design, and historical significance make it an appealing destination for architecture enthusiasts, history lovers, and tourists interested in exploring Bangladesh's cultural heritage.

Duration: 1 hour

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What's included

  • 1. Private tour
  • 2. Professional guide
  • 3. 500ml Bottled water
  • 4. All Entry/Admission
  • 5. Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • 6. Traditional Wooden Rowboat Ride
  • 7. Tour with vast local information
  • 8. Walking tour through small narrow streets around the old town
  • 9. Mode of Transportation: Car
  • 10. Make a stop for tea

What's excluded

  • 1. Tips
  • 2. Gratuities
  • 3.Any kind of Medici
  • 4. Infant meals not included
  • 5. Any Expenses which is not mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can i customize this tour?

Yes, you can customize this tour to fit your interests and needs. Just contact us and let us know what you would like to see and do in Dhaka. We can create a personalized itinerary that is perfect for you.

Which attractions will I visit with Exploring Sonargaon

During this experience, places you will visit include:

  • Panam Nagar
  • Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum
  • Goaldi Mosque


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