Our Teams

A team is a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal. They are interdependent, meaning that they rely on each other for information, resources, knowledge, and skills. Teams are more effective than individuals working alone because they can pool their resources and expertise, and they can learn from each other.

Azijul Hakim
Founder, CEO
Ikramul Azim
Wali Islam
Touhid Akik
Manager Accounts
Rimon Choudhuri
Chief Travel Guide
Sharif Ahmed
Travel Guide
Patrick Watson
Travel Gudie

Patrick is a veteran trekking guide. He has been frequently working with us since 2000. He is dedicated to his job honestly.

Anna Romanov
Travel Guide

Anna, a very young, friendly, and energetic. She one the most trust worthy guide of our company.

Simon Wilson
Travel Guide

Simon is originally from the eastern part of Europe. He has been actively working in the tourism sector for 25 years.