Top 15 Activities to Enjoy in Dhaka City, Bangladesh

Embarking on a journey to Bangladesh’s dynamic capital city, Dhaka? Our compilation of top activities promises to elevate your visit into a truly unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re an enthusiast of history, a seeker of bargains, or a nature lover, Dhaka offers an array of options that cater to diverse interests. Regardless of the duration of your stay, these essential encounters should undoubtedly grace your travel agenda.

With the adept insights of a local writer, let’s delve into a selection of attractions, activities, and moments that collectively shape Dhaka into a captivating destination.

1. Visit Old Dhaka

Old Dhaka is like a treasure chest filled with ancient wonders! Imagine visiting castles like in fairy tales. 🏰 You can see Ahsan Manzil, a cool old house where kings lived, and Lalbagh Fort near a river.

Ahsan Monzil
Ahsan Monzil
Lalbagh Fort
Lalbagh Fort

2. Explore Beautiful Mosques and Churches

Did you know there are stunning places to pray in Dhaka? The Star Mosque has shiny stars on it, and the Armenian Church is like a pretty castle! 🕌⛪

Star Mosque (Tara Masjid)
Star Mosque (Tara Masjid)

3. Try Yummy Street Food

Imagine a market full of yummy treats! 🍔🍟 Chawkbazar is like a food wonderland. Even if you’re not visiting during Ramadan, you can taste the most delicious street food anytime.

4. Sail on a Boat

Let’s hop onto a boat and glide on the water like ducks! 🚣‍♂️ At Sadarghat, you can take a boat ride and see the city from the river. The boat guys are like magical captains.

Boat Ride
Boat Ride

5. Enjoy a City Rickshaw Ride

Want to ride in a funny, colorful Rickshaw? 🚲 Dhaka University has big roads perfect for rickshaws. You can feel like a prince or princess riding through a forest of trees.

Rickshaw Ride
Rickshaw Ride

6. See Curzon Hall’s Cool Design

Imagine a building that’s like a treasure from a movie! 💫 Curzon Hall is a red and beautiful place where people learn. You can even have a picnic under the trees.

Curzon Hall
Curzon Hall

7. Eat at Tasty Eateries

Dhaka has super yummy food spots! 🍛 Try biryani, a magical rice dish, at Nanna or Fakruddin. Beauty Boarding is like a place where wizards meet to eat!

8. Sip Tea at TSC

Imagine a cool place where you can sip tea and have snacks! 🍵 TSC is like a special garden where students relax and have fun. You might even see a movie outside!

9. Visit Shaheed Minar

Let’s visit a special place with flowers and memories. 🌼 Shaheed Minar is like a tribute to brave heroes. People visit with flowers to remember them.

10. Shop at New Market

Picture a giant puzzle filled with things to buy! 🛍️ New Market is a big, triangle-shaped market with all sorts of goodies. You can find treasure at a good price!

11. Walk in Ramna Park

Imagine a big, green park where you can walk and play! 🌳 Ramna Park is like a magical forest with a lake. You can even row a boat on the water.

12. Bike Around Hatirjheel

Get ready to ride a bike around a cool lake! 🚴‍♀️ Hatirjheel is like a place where you can ride and eat yummy snacks. At night, it turns into a colorful wonderland!

13. Check Out the Parliament House

Imagine a giant house where important people work! 🏛️ The National Parliament House is like a big puzzle of beautiful buildings. You can take cool pictures here!

14. Go to Bangabandhu Novo Theater

Want to learn about space and cool stories? 🚀 Bangabandhu Novo Theater is like a movie theater for science! You can see planets and even listen to old stories.

15. Discover Museums

Museums are like magical time machines that show you old treasures! 🏛️ The National Museum and the Bangladesh Air Force Museum have cool stuff from history. You’ll learn so much!

Phew, what a fun adventure we had! Dhaka is like a big playground with so many exciting things to do. 🌈 If you’re ever in Dhaka, remember to try these awesome activities. Have a blast, little explorers!


Dhaka is like a magical wonderland with so many cool things to do! From visiting old places to trying yummy food, you’ll have the best time ever. 🎈 So get ready to explore and have a blast in Dhaka!


Q1: Is Dhaka city a fun place to visit?
A: Absolutely! Dhaka is full of exciting things to do and see.

Q2: What’s the best food in Dhaka city?
A: Biryani and street food are must-tries in Dhaka.

Q3: Can kids have fun in Dhaka city?
A: Definitely! Dhaka has activities that kids will love.

Q4: Are the museums interesting for kids?
A: Yes, museums have cool things to learn and discover!

Q5: Should I visit Dhaka with my family?
A: Yes, Dhaka is a great place for family adventures!

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